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Kantonian Tauros, Gogoat, Cyclizar should get Mount Boost

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2023 13:42
by Art1cuno4098
Gogoat, Tauros, and Cyclizar are all seen in the games as Pokemon that are used as mounts. Tauros has several references to being used as a mount across the Pokemon world:

Historically, people in areas all over the world have ridden Tauros, but the practice is said to have started in Alola.
-Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sun

The Tauros of Galar are volatile in nature, and they won't allow people to ride on their backs.
- Pokedex entry in Pokemon Shield

…and is featured in Pixelmon as the silhouette for Mount Boost.

Gogoat was one of the first Pokemon that the player could use as a mount in X/Y. People all over the Paldea region ride Cyclizar (and the player rides its future/ancient relatives).

It only makes sense for these 3 (and Miraidon/Koraidon, whenever they’re implemented) to receive inherent access to Mount Boost.