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By pikaxe22
#219280 Hi everyone, not sure if this is technically included in the blacklist for "asking for old features", but I'm running a MC Version 1.20.1 Server for some friends and I recently upgraded the Pixelmon Version from 9.2.2 to 9.2.3. After booting up the server we ran into some issues which seem to be fixed in 9.2.4 but due to some other mod dependencies we can't feasibly upgrade to 1.20.2, so I was wondering if some of the bug fixes could be rolled out for 1.20.1 as well, as the 9.2.3 features are nice but with some of the bugs it doesn't seem feasable to run.

Feedback is welcome :-)
(feel free to remove this if it counts as blacklist requests, just let me know pls)

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By SKyTheThunder
#219386 9.2.x are explicitly Alpha versions, meant purely for public testing. Interaction and compatibility with other mods is not on the scope of testing yet.
We won't split the team's efforts further to support several sub-versions of MC simultaneously, especially not in an early test phase like that. By the time it gets anywhere near the full release, the other mods will likely have caught up as well.