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By 9Tales
#240767 I think that there should be a level requirement for the spawning of Ultra Wormholes. There would be a config setting deciding the level that the player must have a Pokemon over in order to have Ultra Wormholes spawn naturally. The default would be somewhere around level 50-70. This config setting would not affect the Ultra Wormhole moveskill, which would spawn a wormhole regardless.

Ultra Space is supposed to be a late game experience, but if players are fortunate enough to go to Ultra Space early on they could come back with strong, high-level Pokemon. They could avoid getting booted out by having a Ghost-type Pokemon, Run Away Pokemon, or a Pokemon holding a Smoke Ball, guaranteeing they flee successfully from the aggressive Pokemon. Additionally, the loot chests contain some good loot like items from the Evolution Stone sets due to the fact that Ultra Space is intended for exploration in late game, so even if the player uses Repels or the Scare Moveskill they could come back satisfied. Ultra Space should be inaccessible to early-game players. This level requirement for the spawning of Ultra Wormholes would do the trick, preventing early-game players from going to Ultra Space.

Furthermore, because of the Ultra Wormholes, much padding is required for Overworld spawns. If you want to change spawns with a datapack or add spawns to a modded biome, you must ensure that your spawns contain enough low level Pokemon or Ultra Wormholes would spawn like crazy when the player is low level due to a lack of competition. This is particularly a problem with air spawns, as Ultra Wormholes spawn a lot over water if the air spawns are too high level for the player. This setting would mitigate this problem, as Ultra Wormholes won't spawn until pretty much everything else can.

The exact level should be configurable so that people can decide how early on Ultra Space should be accessible.

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By SKyTheThunder
#240958 In general, I think extending the "minLevel"/"maxLevel" SpawnInfos to all Spawn Sets would allow for more freedom to tailor any kind of spawn to level progress. Outside of Pokémon spawns they wouldn't have any effect on the attributes of the spawned entity itself (Wormholes don't have levels obviously), but it would still scale their availability with player progression.

Aside from the Ultra Wormholes, that could then be used to define different tiers of Trainers for example. At low levels you'd encounter mainly the equivalent to Youngsters, Bug Catchers, Poké-Fans and other "casual" classes with first stage Pokémon; in the mid ranges you may meet more serious ones like Rangers, Fire Breathers, Blackbelts and Villain Team Grunts; and ones like Ace Trainers would only appear at 50+.
Similarly, you could restrict wild Move Relearners/Tutors to higher levels, or at least make them more common later in the game.