By ViperEternal
#241092 Most servers have a very common issue with their players; inventory management. People have loads, upon loads of double chests in their base, to the point it just takes up all their room. That doesn't sound fun, right? SO! I want to suggest; The Iron Chests mod.
It gives a variety of chests, such as a see-through chest, a 12x9 singular chest that you can store items in, and isn't as intrusive to use! And of course, a meme chest; the Dirt Chest. Also the obsidian chest, also 12x9, and then you have the other chests that people can use! It adds variety to servers, and to worlds. Spices up servers, and makes things more organizable, and manageable, without the worry of having too many chests.
[NOTE: If I have to change this to make this seem better, let me know!]