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Boss Pokemon from Spawners (Blaze, Monster Spawners)

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2024 19:44
by Blockboster123
This suggestion is mainly for the Blaze spawners in the Nether. I have felt that on Peaceful mode (the mode everyone typically plays Pixelmon on) - the nether feels rather lackluster. There is no monsters to fight in fortresses, there is no real danger to visiting the Nether. Boss Pokemon spawning from these Blaze Spawners would re-add that sense of danger of visiting Nether & the Nether Fortresses. It would also add the ability to make Pixelmon Farms, similar to how a Skeleton or Zombie farm would work in Vanilla.

For example, in the Nether, we could have a Pokemon like Rare Turtonator Bosses spawn that would shoot projectiles similar to Blazes. These projectiles could be explained as being a Will-o-Wisp move. Turtonator is a Pokemon of which it would make sense for it to shoot projectiles out of its mouth. They would also sometimes charge at the player and force a battle, similar to Ultra Space Pokemon. They would have the same spawn behavior as Blazes, and would stop spawning once their respective spawner has been broken. They would drop loot that is unique compared to other Boss Pokemon, giving more of a reason to come to the nether in the first place.

I imagine these bosses wouldn't have a different color like boss Pokemon do currently, they would be their normal color while still being boss Pokemon.