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Change Flabebe (or others) to be forms instead of palettes

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2024 10:49
by TheCrimsonV
While the Flabebe line's flower colors don't offer stat differences of any kind in the main Pokemon games, relegating them to palettes instead of forms in Pixelmon poses a few problems. One problem is that it requires to have 5 different shiny palettes, all of which are not even able to be obtained in any capacity outside of cheats due to all of the palettes not using the name "shiny." Another problem is breeding. Since palettes cannot be passed down, attempting to breed Flabebe will always yield the Red Flower palette. While this can be tweaked to work like Minior (which ignores the palette inheritance rule), it wouldn't fix the issue with shiny spawning.

Other Pokemon with official forms that have been changed to palettes, such as Vivillon and Alcremie, also have the issue with shiny spawning (although Alcremie doesn't naturally spawn unless Datapacked), but this doesn't matter as much considering their pre-evolutions do not have more than one shiny palette, but this change could still be made for the sake of consistency.

Change Flabebe (or others) to be forms instead of palettes

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2024 09:49
by SKyTheThunder
I feel like it would be better if this was solved in a more elegant way.

Maybe two new attributes for palettes:
  • "inheritance"
    Governs whether/how the palette gets passed down, depending on value.
    • "same"
      Offspring has the same palette if possible.
    • "random"
      Marks this palette as one that can be chosen randomly.
    • "none"
      Palette can not be passed down. Defaults to this if unset.
  • "shinyPalette"
    References another palette by name, which is used as the shiny version of this palette. Defaults to "shiny" if unset.