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By Zariu
#8183 I'm new to Techne and was attempting to make Golduck, and I don't really know how you do the 2D graphics for the webbed feet(called spriting I think?). Like Charizard's wings and such. Can someone tell me how? (I hope this is the right place to post it... if not, sorry mod!)

By Omerta
#8184 You just adjust one of the x, y, or z values for dimensions (the first field at the top) to 0. For making the webbed feet for Golduck, you would make the y value 0 so you have a flat horizontal block.

You can use transparencies on these flat blocks, and even if it looks messed up in Techne (i.e. you can see through other blocks) it will be fine in-game. Also, you should make sure that the textures match up perfectly for the front and back of the flat block, otherwise you'll end up with flickering textures in-game. Hope that helps.