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By DutchKroket
DutchKroket wrote:I thought, let's give it a shot

Articuno Shrine:

For yours, I would recommend making the center 3x3, as I believe the shrine will be placed in that center area. I could be completely wrong as to how it works, but if that is the case, it would be off center with a 2x2. Its just a small change, simply extending sides out and such.

I'm not really sure about that:
Xwaffle wrote:I'd keep it 16x16 - 24x24

I made another one:

By Xwaffle
XRECKXIMPACT wrote:Not a final version, but decided I'd get opinions before continuing on. This model I'm building is towards Articuno's shrine. I have a feeling the center and such needs to be widened a bit, but that is exactly why I'm coming here first.

Picture Uno:

Picture Dos:

Things to note:

I will not leave the snow as it is currently. I plan to fix it and smooth it out for the final version, as it is only there right now for figuring out exactly what needs to go where. There is also a grid left in the area that will be removed later as well.

The Texture pack I'm using is very similar to how vanilla would look in game. In most cases through my comparison, both blend equally with my final products.

I do enjoy your building quite a lot, but it looks like the shrine would not rest to nicely in the center for it's 2x2. Try doing somthing else to make the shrine fit snuggly in there
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#96054 It is actually a 3x3, I just used some stairs to simulate cracks in the floor, figured the build would look nice with some things kind of broken-ish, like you won't always find things in prime condition. But I do agree some things need to be moved slightly so ill work on that.
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#96262 For the center in these, I made the very center a snow block so its easy to spot.

Top view from the side:

Ground view from the side:

Inside view:

If more is needed, I'm working on setting up Twitch right now. Ill just take a video if it is needed.
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By SparkRaptor
#96316 Well this is my zapdos shrine, I wanted it to be simple and have it look like it is in ruins. The whole setup is 17x17. (please ignore the un-leveled grass surrounding it)

The side view was made to look like a bird with its wings open and its beak pointing toward the sky


From an overhead view there is glowstone shaped like lightning