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By EnvyBlock
#95207 I have created a custom trainer in the database for testing. I've following the guidelines for creating one ie use a model that exists, give him pokemon, etc. I was wondering how I would spawn my creation into the world? I've noticed that /pokespawn works with trainer types such as "bugcatcher" although when I spawn in the trainer type I modeled my custom trainer with it never seems to spawn.

Is there a command to spawn in custom trainers? If you know of such a command please help.

By ixitimmyixi
#96311 O wow, I had no idea you could spawn trainers of any kind. I will make a custome trainer of my own and experiment to see if I can spawn them. Please let me know if you make any progress and I'll do the same. I was able to create a cool battle simulation using NPCs that sort of addresses the custom trainers issue. You can check it out here on the forum or over at YouTube.
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By EnvyBlock
#97034 Sadly I've been told that custom trainers aren't supported in this version of Pixelmon. However, you can edit the existing trainers to what you see fit.
By PokeWillpower
#97336 Essentially what he said, it's been confirmed that advanced Trainer spawners will be supported in 3.0 though, and 3.0 isn't that far away.

I'm just as excited as you guys are, this stuff is going to be perfect for my adventure map. :P
By baconator1324
#115567 i can't seem to make the trainer drop a badge after I win against him. I don't know the heat badge id and It won't let me just put in the name but I know where I'm supposed to type it. someone plz help me!!!!!
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By shadoowner
#115597 if you hold F3 and then press h, the item IDs will be added to the lore of all items like this: Image
Another way to find the item IDs is if you have essentials installed type /itemdb and it will show the ID of the item you have in your hand in chat.
If that also doesnt work, go to your pixelmon config, look up the ID there and add 256 to that number to get the actual ingame ID