By TheAlexMan
#9247 So hey! my friend and I play this mod quite often, and he told me about the music portion so I though I'd submit a 'work in progress' piece and hopefully get some feedback. I plan to play a live recording this using percussion instruments.
So here's a sample of pallet town, that I arranged myself

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#9248 i like it more then pokenerds, but as i have said many times in the past, i cant judge music and you shouldnt take my opinion to heart lol
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By MrMasochism
#9251 Well you are a better composer than most who apply here. What's needed though is a style that will fit in with the minecraft music or at least something that will work well inside the mod. Probably needs something either more orchestral or sparser there are a few ways you could go
By TheAlexMan
#9252 I will record this over the weekend. Hopefully have a more complete version done then instead of a simple piano. Also Thank you both! It's good to know that I my major is teaching me something. :D
By Skibb
#9262 Wow, I like it alot :)
By Yaseen
#9294 Wow, this is really awesome
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By Kamkari
#22841 This sounds amazing, it truly does. But like others have said, you should aim for a more 'minecrafty' sound. My suggestion is to stay away from the 8bit style sounds and lean more towards natural more flowing instruments. The piano is beautifully done and the song overall is wonderful. If you experimented with using a synth or possibly even a flute (pokeflute) you could get a much more fluid sound and it will be better as a whole in my opinion. Other than that, good job!