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By ZeeCount
#9731 Current progress: 11 songs finished, 11 in the game.
1 song in progress.

The soundtrack is available from:

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By Yaseen
#9744 I would watch the live streams as long as am awake/not at school when there live, damn time zones xD
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By ZeeCount
#9809 Well, here's the track basically done. I'm seeing this as backing music for when people are exploring. I've been trying to balance the sparse minimal feeling of the original minecraft music with a more adventurous and lush sound.

-edit- fixed general issues with the song, remade the strings using LASS, expanded the ending
By Vikerus
#9888 This is actually pretty nice. I would suggest making a composure for each major biome. This way it would give a greater feeling of actually moving about and in-between areas where different Pokemon spawn.
By Omerta
#9892 Excellent job. I would love to hear this track at nighttime, with the ending part playing just as the sun comes up.
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By Pokenerd8
#9919 love it :) this is way better then the original minecraft music imo great job
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By ilovepokemon
#10470 that's a very nice piece of music for the desertb biome, well done