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By ZeeCount
DeadWombat wrote:I made an account just to say this:

ZeeCount, I think I am in love with your music. I don't know what else to say.

I am a piano player and composer, and my brother has a degree in music composition and is currently teaching as a professor. I had to show him your music for this mod, and we spent a good while discussing its merits. He at first couldn't believe this was music composed for a fan-made video game mod (and frankly, I couldn't either when i first heard it!), and I had to prove it to him by finding your soundcloud page and reading him your footnotes for the tracks.

The two of us are thoroughly impressed, both with the quality of the sound and the quality of the orchestration. You have a great ear for instrumentation, and the two of us had fun picking out and identifying all the exotic and ethnic instruments in Journey to the Sky. We even had some trouble figuring out which parts were sampled and which were recorded live. Do you mind if I ask what kind of software you use?

Consider us fans. We'll be checking out your soundcloud for your other works when we have the time. ;)

Thanks for all the kind words! I always love to hear that people are deriving some form of enjoyment from my music.

All the music is written and recorded in Cubase 6. In terms of the samples I use, I mainly use Cine Samples (for brass and ethnic wind) VSL for woodwind, AudioBro's LASS for Strings, Spitfire Audio's Albion, Logeria and Hans Zimmer Percussion, and then a bunch of the instruments by groups like Eastwest, Embertone, Ilya Effimov etc. I usually use Zebra 2 by u-He if I'm using synths.