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By Jack_Attack12
MrMasochism wrote:I've got the ones you have done so far working in game and they sound pretty good. You'll get to hear them in Pixelmon for 1.5

Cant wait for that! Well done Mr.M and Flairintha!!!

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By Flairintha
#14308 I will soon be adding more sounds... I haven't been really uploading them to soundcloud, but what do you think about the updates with sounds? I really hope you all like them.
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By Lugia
#18821 LoLOLLOlLOlOLLOloLlolL i love this xD
The only ones i find rather cheesy is Voltorb and Flygon :D
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By Windjoe
Flairintha wrote:I'm back up and running again! I will be doing new voices soon!
Thats awesome to hear, Welcome back flair
By captaincabbage
#72860 These are awesome! I'd love to see some lower, gruntier sounds for some of the bigger 'mons though, like the Charizard sound :D

I've always loved it when bigger Pokemon don't say their names and just kinda roar or make sounds. ;P

EDIT: By the way, I was wondering what you recorded with? I'd love to see if I could help, since I've got a pretty low, grunty voice, perfect for an Onix or a Nidoking. XD
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By Foquine
#73198 I noticed there was no voice for Machop/Machoke/Machamp. Could I record one to be added in the next update or did Flairintha already did them and they were just forgotten?