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#12561 imo the only good one was magenton (in pack 3 only) and paras sounded like the guy from the pokedex in gen 1
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By KuryoZT
#12869 I'm sorry, but that "Vilepluuuuuume" just rightfully killed me on spot, I'm gonna listen to it for some time now, if, you excuse me...
By Waterboyr
#30914 Wait so can any of the sounds or music posted be used in game like transfered? Sorry if nooby question but just wondering since we dont currently have sounds or music for the game...
By Charbeneau
#38815 I actually like these alot better then the normal ones that are used due to they all seem to match almost with the pokemon the other ones are just really high pitched and don't really sound like the pokemon all too well not trying to be mean but I am being honest some of them are great for that pokemon but others not so much. Also just wondering why not use the original ones?
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By Il_Lupo
#39520 Cubone was great, and most of them sounded pretty good. A couple weren't so great, but there's only so much the human voice can do.