By Jakus25
#14687 Which version of forge, optifine and shaders mod do you use with Minecraft 1.5.1???

Ive tried to install shaders with pixemon quite a few times and i can never get it right. Ill try to explain what i'm doing and maybe someone can let me know what im doing wrong.

I started with a CLEAN minecraft Jar. The first thing i did was open the jar and then delete the META.inf file.
I downloaded optifine and transfered the contents into my minecraft.Jar (OptiFine_1.5.1_HD_U_A8)

Then i downloaded the shaders mod pack which is apparently compatible with 1.5.1 from this guy (ShadersMod-mc1.5.1-ofuA8-1.45)

That all works fine and i can play with shaders, but as soon as i try to add forge (minecraftforge-universal-1.5.1- It crashes minecraft when i open. Which means i can't run pixelmon and shaders at the same time.

When looking around the internet, it seems other people can get it to work, but i can't find any tutorials for this situation :/

Anyone that can sort this out will be my hero!