By Vikerus
#15254 I would give out a direct link but I could really use the revenue generated by the ad link! I have decided to add Custom NPCs to this map, it will become come a perfect singleplayer journey for trainers. The goal is to create a great map for Lets Plays! I will do my best to bring you an awesome adventure you can share with the world! I will also be adding the three legendary islands and even an epic Elite four build. This map has a ton to offer. Take a look at it and see where the origins of Justiscraft evolved from!

Please enjoy the map I have here for you, right now it's pretty raw from the server days. But I'll be fixing it up for you guys and adding quests as I have time too. Which I have a lot of so no worries there! Thanks for the interest, take it easy ^^

Link [Dropbox] :

If you use this map on a server of yours then at least add this to your server post (not in a spoiler):

Hosting The Original Justiscraft Server Map ^-^
Justiscraft Server :

~~Sincerely Vikerus

By Vikerus
#65480 Just want to let people know I'm going to develop an immersive quest system with this map in the next few weeks. Custom NPCs will be used and possibly some others, like backpacks and such.
By osidien(withouttheB)
Pixlmondude222 wrote:When i try and download i get this

Nothing here

The file you'er looking fore has been deleted or moved

YepaMagikarp that's right. What's with that?