How excited are you to try the BETA?

By Xinterp
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My Builder's Application:
Builder Basic Info:
IGN: Xitnerp
Preferred Nickname: X
Age: 23
How long you have played MineCraft: Since 1.7
How long you have played Pixelmon: Since 1.7? I think. It has been a while.
On a scale of 1-10, how uniform vs. creative you are (1 being you never deviate from the standard and continue constructing previous builds, 10 being every path you build is unique, and no two things you build are ever alike): 10

Required on applications for a Builder:
Any photos of your work: Custom Single Player Map I am working on at the moment: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1908&p=15460#p15460
On a scale of 1-10, how large of structures do you like to build (1 being a 5x5x5 house or shrine, 10 being featured on Machinama Top 10's): 5-9 It depends on what the whole area needs.
On a scale of 1-10, how detailed do you like to build things (1 being outlines, 10 being you use slabs, pictures, stairs, etc. to your fullest extent, and always make sure everything is uniform from every angle): 8-10

Scroll Down to see everything!


A video I comprised of Revision 9

WELCOME AGAIN everyone from the previous forum. It has been a long time since my infamous face popped up and... well... needless to say, I had hit a patch where I wasn't able to use my computer for anything outside of work.

Things that have happened to me:
- New Job (Can't say where - Company says I can't. Sorry! :D)
- Moved to a bigger home
- Even got a dog that has grown over the past few months. She's a handful sometimes.

So with those things said, I'm here to give you guys a teaser of what has been coming. I have been working secretly over the past 2 months and awaiting a nice big chance to post something juicy which WILL spark EVERYONE's interests. Three words.


Yes it is coming and I had a Beta release that was closed on the previous forum which required a CUSTOM passcode that was messaged by me via the forum Messenger. In that Beta, it was Revision 6 (R6) But that only gave a few things on what I could do.

Now it is time to strike back with a vengeance.

I have had 2 months and wanted to post something GLORIOUS. But instead, I'll give you a teaser what my locals (friends who have been testing for me) had actually got to experience up to this point. Well, needless to say, we are on R10... And there have been a few updates from the good old staff here at Pixelmon. Here is what was on the old forum.


INDEX: (Use this to search for an update you are looking for!)
Use the buttons Ctrl + F and then type in "XXXX-##" as listed below for what update you want to find! Most current update will be the Highest Number!

PNUD-01 - Update 1 - 3/31/2013 - 07:15 -6 CST
PNUD-02 - Update 2 - 3/31/2013 - 08:18 -6 CST
PNUD-03 - Update 3 - 4/2/2013 - 01:06 -6 CST
PNUD-04 - Update 4 - 4/9/2013 - 12:12 -6 CST
PNUD-05 - Update 5 - 4/15/2013 - 05:03 -6 CST
OYTL-00 - Older Youtube Links (Last Updated) - 4/15/2013 - 06:10 -6 CST
BA-REQ - Beta Access - Requests - Updated Frequently
BA-OIN - Beta Access - Opt IN Information
BA-DLL - Beta Access - Download Links
BA-AOI - Beta Access - All Other Information
DBUG-01 - Update 1 - Debugging Information
DBUG-02 - Update 2 - Debugging Information

Keep checking under this line for the updates! Enjoy!

----- PNUD-01 Update 1: 3/31/2013 - 07:15 -6 CST -----

Pictures of what was done BEFORE Revision 9 (R9) - Sorry... You're going to have to wait until R10 Beta is out to see the Guts and Glory. :D
Lets hit this off big. Full map view as of Revision 7.

Now something like the snuggle bear. Some climate changes? Lets get different Pixelmon spawning. As of Revision 7 this is working 100% and is working AS INTENDED.

Now for some goodies. The real treat for you all. This is Revision 8. I got a new area for you!
ImageWondering why it says R6 in the "Merging" Section? Tried to get it down in R6 for the Beta on the other forum. Sadly, I didn't merge it right and it didn't want to work. The good news though, it now works as intended and has been since R8! :D

----- PNUD-02 Update 2: 3/31/2013 - 08:18 -6 CST -----

Some more goodies for you guys. Enjoy! :D

Cove City - (Unnamed City in a Cove)

Decalon Forest

The Three Tower Ruins

Sylph Co - Gotta have this bad boy. :D

The Rock Gym - Innards! YAY!

Magical Maglev System

SS Anne Stuff - Got so many pictures it isn't even funny...
The Upper Deck - Image
The Lower Deck - Image
One of MANY Cabins - Image
The Theater Room - Image

----- PNUD-03 Update 3: 4/2/2013 - 01:06 -6 CST -----

Safari Zone - For all of those who are really wondering what has been changed... And what it looks like. :D

----- PNUD-04 Update 4: 4/9/2013 - 12:12 -6 CST -----

Peak's Path

Peak's Swamp

Route 7 with Fairbreeze Village

Fire Gym - Feel the burn!

And... Well... I didn't really want to show this one. But I thought it might be a nice twist for the game once MrM throws in that mean Command Block Spawning thingy. :D
I present.... Elder Island

----- PNUD-05 Update 5: 4/15/2013 - 05:03 -6 CST -----

Added Lighting in PC's to Decrease Darkness

Added Decoration Outside Maglev (Lighting)

Added ACDU (Automatic Cart Dispensing Unit) inside Maglev

Adament Rise Path Images

Adament Rise - AKA Victory Road (No you can't see the inside, you have to play the game to see it.)

Adament Rise - Reference Points (For those who don't think it is that big.)

----- OYTL-00 Older Youtube Links (Last Updated): 4/15/2013 - 06:10 -6 CST -----

Older Youtube Videos - Updated when New Updates come out!

By Xinterp
#15703 ----- BA-REQ - Beta Access Requests -----

How do I gain access to the Beta?
1. On this page, press Ctrl+F.
2. Type in BA-OIN. (BA-OIN - Beta Access - Opt IN Information)
3. Read and follow the steps there.

Status List:
- Approved - Approval is in regards to Receiving a Beta Key. This means you are guaranteed a Beta Key.
- Pending - Your Beta Key request is being processed.
- Denied - You will not recieve a Beta Key. This could be a number of reasons. Blacklisted, Testers are Full, etc...
- Mailed - Check your messages on the Pixelmon Forums! Your Key is in the MAIL! GO GET IT!
- Not Mailed - Your Key has not been mailed yet. This usually changes fast. Check your messages often!

Closed Beta R8 Requests in Alphabetical Order:
Omerta - Status: Approved - Mailed
Fatalshadowkiss - Status: Approved - Mailed
Heidron - Status: Approved - Mailed
billythebeast - Status: Approved - Mailed

Closed Beta R9 Requests in Alphabetical Order:
Omerta - Status: Approved - Pending
Fatalshadowkiss - Status: Approved - Pending
Heidron - Status: Approved - Pending
billythebeast - Status: Pending - Pending

Closed Beta R10 Requests in Alphabetical Order:
Omerta - Status: Approved - Not Mailed - Pending
Fatalshadowkiss - Status: Approved - Not Mailed - Pending
Heidron - Status: Approved - Not Mailed - Pending
billythebeast - Status: Pending - Not Mailed - Pending
By Xinterp
#19744 ----- BA-OIN - Beta Access - How to Opt IN -----
Interested in joining the Beta? Share some love with this thread and tell me why you want to be in the beta!

Keep in mind, it will be a "Beta" not the full course map.

Things I would like to see in your Beta Summary (Post Recap of your Experience)
- Were parts confusing?
- What parts were confusing?
- What was not clear?
- What was clear.
- Was it fun?
- Was it boring?
- What would you change?
- Why you would change that?
- Any other information you would like to add?

Omerta tested before when this was in the previous forums. The last time he tested officially was in R6. And needless to say, his outline and structure was AMAZINGLY HELPFUL.
All the details I can get from the players make the difference, and that makes my game more entertaining for you to play when it is actually finished!
Criticism is Criticism. Whether it is Bad Crit or Good Crit doesn't matter to me. "It Sucked" doesn't qualify at all.
As SPG wrote to me on the other forum, he said:
all i see is snow ruining everything good...
In a sense, he was saying, "This Sucks. You need to fix it." without actually saying that. He told me what should be changed with DETAIL. And... Well... It changed. With detail. I took his Criticism and made something of it. I didn't complain, I worked around it. And it helped.

The opt-in is for R8 and what I had at that point. If you would like to opt in for an older version (R8) that is available, but will be sent via secured link.

Confused on how to Opt IN? It is as easy as PMing me... Literally. That is it. Tell me you want to opt in. Not on this thread because this is mainly for development and reports. PM me. I will more than likely send you the key.
By Xinterp
#19773 ----- BA-DLL - Beta Access Download Links -----

Revision 8 - It has a password. If you can crack it, you can play it. Enjoy Trying... OR Request a beta invite!
By Xinterp
#20058 ----- BA-AOI - Beta Access All Other Information -----

I have decided that this map pack would be pushed in chunks.
Now what exactly this means is: EXPANSION

Yes the word people either dread or love.
New content released in a large chunk with MANY new options for the player.
This allows the players multiple things:
- New never before seen content that WILL please everyone.
- More in depth secondary storylines!
- New Continents!
- And MORE!

And the best part is: I am only changing map values. Nothing else.

Now that you have read that, I hope you all enjoy!
By Xinterp
#21968 ----- DBUG-01 - Debugging Update 1 -----

1. Sylph Co Elevator - Now works properly and Players won't get stuck at around the 3'rd floor.
2. Forest Tripwire Changed - Now correctly applies the time to 15000 where sometimes it was applying the time to 1500. Also added gates in front and behind of the tripwires so random pokemon wouldn't keep changing the time. Also dual tripwire added to revert time back to 0 upon leaving the forest.
3. Minecart Dispenser - Added and tested the Minecart Dispenser. This only works once as of now since you can easily find the resources to use and make minecarts.
4. Maglev Rails - Not fully debugged for starting the rails. Will be fixing with next debug update.
5. Abandoned City - Added Tripwire and added Gates to prevent pokemon from accidentally triggering the tripwire.
6. Safari Zone:
6.1. Safari Dispenser - Fixed to now dispense 16 Balls /per entry. This system uses tripwire and soul sand to make sure the player doesn't avoid hitting tripwires correctly.
6.2. Safari Zone - Mushroom Biome and Nether Biome still do not spawn pokemon. This will be altered when the Pixelmon Mod gets updated to include these things.
6.3. Safari Exit - Near the entrance an exit has been placed to prevent people from over-using the Safari Dispenser. This stops players from loosing out on the amount of Safari Balls the game initially has.
6.4. Ball Return - Opting to allow players to keep their balls was a tough decision, but I will be adding a chest so players can pick these back up when they want them once inside the Safari Zone.

This concludes the Debug Update 1.
By Xinterp
#22169 ----- DBUG-02 - Debugging Update 2 -----

1. Gym Issues
1.1. Water Gym - Swimming distance will not be fixed. There is an air pocket for you to breath.
1.2. Fire Gym - Jumping will not be fixed. It is possible to make it.
1.3. Rock Gym - Maze will not be fixed. Not because I won't fix it, but because it is mod controlled. I can't change what spawns in a cave system.
2. Tripwires - All are now working as intended.
3. S.S. Anne - Engine Room now working as intended and not stopping due to pokemon spawning inside engine room.
4. Pokemon Centers - Lighting Fixed where there would be darkness near the PC and Healers.
5. Safari Zone - Spawn Sections altered slightly. Increased Nether Area slightly for spawn-rates when Nether is added into game.
6. Info Boxes - Fixed issue where mobs would spawn near the Info Boxes/In the Info Box Area and would somehow remove redstone to stop the command block from posting information.

This concludes the Debug Update 2.
By Xinterp
billythebeast wrote:I would like to join the beta! I purposely registered just to contact you. If I can, Please let me know. Thanks!

Sure. Added to the list. Read over the posts I threw up and then I'll send you the link.

Revision 8 goes PUBLIC SOON!
Revision 9 goes Closed Beta!