By aeidos
#15943 Hello,
I am a Pixelmon server Owner/Graphic Designer and want to ask a couple questions.

1) Is it possible if my server (Ghantis MCPM) can become an official pixelmon server?
2) Is it possible if I can become a cartoonist for designing models of pixelmon models?

If you want to see my servers website here is the URL:

You guys are great,

Aidan Pyatt
Ghantis MCPM Owner

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By Rados
#16227 There is no official pixelmon server, well, besides the Developer's one, it wouldn't be fair either to chose a server as one
By aeidos
#16346 Ah ok.
I just saw the alpine mcpm was a sub-forum so I thought i would ask.

Also I posted a application in the database application area for a 3D Pixelmon Database designer.
By Yaseen
#16376 Sub forums are given to really popular servers so they can organize their threads better