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By DutchKroket
Waterboyr wrote:Quick question, can we actually put these into minecraft?

You will eventually =D

Update: Verdanturf-5, PMD Sky Tower-finished, PMD Goodbye-finished and a new one, route 202 - probably finished!

By The_Nanobots
#41107 For Sootopolis maybe you could soften the tones a tiny bit to make it fit in more with minecraft. For everything else I don't have any complaints that aren't based on my opion. Also do you think you could try making the lavender town theme song?
By Waterboyr
#41206 K so some feedback for S.S. Anne, maybe make the pitch and notes lower on the instruments, and make it more background sound. It seems like classical music you'd listen to. It needs to be the mine craft and Pokemon quality music, where it's background but still great. Too loud and upbeat. But the overall music is perfect and just needs to be more background, that's all.
By Waterboyr
#51719 Are these mostly Sinnoh? I love these and would LOVE these to be in minecraft. Sinnoh had the best music out of all of the games. I grew up with pokemon and Sinnoh was my first game and brings back so many memories...
By Waterboyr
#62811 Okay on Route 202 it seems at 20 seconds that instrument isn't at the right pitch or isn't the right instrument for this song. Also it seems like it needs one more instrument. I know it's hard because you can't copyright but just my feedback.
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By Foquine
#63816 You've put Sky Tower into the spoiler of Goodbye.

Personnally, I LOVE music from PMD. And your versions are pretty damn good.

Sky Tower Third made me think of Katawa Shoujo at the beginning... Dammit...