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By Hiroku

glichXCity is a youtuber who does a lot of remixes of pokemon. Here are a couple of her remixes: ... sg&index=1 ... sg&index=2 ... g&index=45 ... g&index=53

Anyway, asked her whether she would be able to do a couple for us, and the top link says it all! We can look forward to some more extremely good music! I particularly want her for a battle theme. Keen guys?

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By ilovepokemon
#35805 i love GlitchxCity's remixes, they are just amazing and epic at the same time and my favorite remix is, and i'ts good to hear she is going to do the muxic for pixelmon
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By SuperiorSnayke
#72468 i Like glitchcities remixes and now she is helping out the mod. i have a feeling that im gonna have alot more fun battling pokemon now. :)
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By Animalol
#73840 This is an old post that has no use anymore, so locking this before others bump it.