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By Skullking210
#181021 Howdy,
if you wish to lend a hand in the development of the mod without needing the knowledge of scripting, modelling or animating; then my friend voice acting may be your lime light!

What do I mean?
We are currently seeking voice actors to help assist with the cries/voices of Pokemon in the mod (Both old and upcoming).

What are we looking for?
We are looking for users:
    whom have a mature voice

    Have a nice, clear microphone

    Have Discord

    and aren't afraid of a little criticism.

Sounds neat but how do I sign up?

Simply post a vocaroo link in response to this thread of your impression of a Pokemon and if you're selected, you will be contacted and allowed into our group.

Hope to hear from you,

By kylacraft123
#182480 Hey, I've been a fan of pokemon ever since I was a child, so having the ability to contribute to this mod sounds fun to me. I have experience modeling and animating in minecraft, but I don't think I have as much skill as the other modelers. I also have exceptional experience in building in minecraft. However, I do think I can contribute to the mod in a different way: Voice Acting!

I do not know what vocaroo is, but I'd appreciate it if we could discuss things further via Skype: kylacraft123 .

-Kyla S.
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By RettoTheOtter
#182573 Hey! I'm a voice actor! I'm currently away from my microphone, but I'll post on vocaroo as soon as I can. Are there any Pokémon you want to hear in particular or am I free to choose?
By PoweRaven
#182598 I would like to help really much, but I am really shy to talk on recordings so if you would could call me on my skype I would be really happy.
Skype- whitepowerraven

I really wanna help :)
By neryalpha
#182789 I've been a fan of pokemon for 15+years and also pixelmon for a lomg time and if i can get to be in pixelmon as a voice actor(my dream job) that be so awesome here's a small clip of Venusaur Blastoise and Charizard (yes i know charizard has sound clip but this was just for my Demo i do deep voiced mons)
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By WeirdoPlayz
#182828 So umm, I might not have have a deep voice, but i think that i may be able to voice the higher pitch pokemon, for e.g. Charmander. I'm not sure why Volcaroo isn't working for me, so could you please add me on Skype? It's justin.isberg

Thanks! :-D