Will you do something with my clsoed texturepack project?


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By KuryoZT
#42890 Just one thing about those paintings, *drools*.
They're awsome, nice work there.
By SubGenesis
#43113 That's genius can't wait to see what those look like in game
Thunder stone should have sparks that jump/flash across it

Kind of clueless about leaf stone, moving leaves? Or maybe veins with green stuff circulating through to show hyper active plant stuff I guess like the phloem or xylem
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#43133 i like this one

the most, minus the thing on the left ^_^
(im saying minus a lot lately, i need some new words)
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By Hypnose
#43168 Of course you do SPG haha. I agree with you too, I'va always disliked Dialga for some reason..

How about "excluding" instead of "minus"?
By Codzhe
#43353 Damn this day has come.I wont get this shitty computer for all summer and after vacation I'll get new windows computer so at least i will be able to play skyrim.Because right now it's terrible lowest setting with 25 fps xD.
I should get my dads macbook air sometimes because i am doing web design for my dads website.So i will try to update the thread trough my phone and mac though mostly i will draw, visit my friend to play games on his pc and go to the pool xD.
Anyways i added fossil,bauxite ore and stones cause i may not update this texutrepack whole summer though i highly doubt it...I tried to make thunder stone, but all it was just a failure because i haven't had much time and i haven't edited the txt file so if anyone will be able to make good thunerstone, leafstone or moonstone with animation make sure you post it here.Also i removed support for pokeloot cause it doesn't have too much textures to customize and it seems pointless to me though if you have any other mod to suggest feel free to do that...

-Thanks for all this support I probably won't be gone for long(at least i hope so)