By LittleGhast101
#204548 I might be the only one who thinks this but the healer sound effect sounds like a microwave. I am going to add an attachment for the sound effect but I would also like a music for Pokemon centres like in all the Pokemon games. I'll put an attachment for my favourite Pokemon centre music.
The Healing Sound
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The Pokemon Centre Theme
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By SKyTheThunder
#204554 We won't be using assets from the original games, so these won't be used as they are. I'm sure the team would be happy if someone made a new healer sound that's not too close to the original melody though.

As for the Pokécenter Music: Same applies, we'd need our own music. But devs would need to see how feasible it is to do a region based soundtrack. I see a few issues that would make that more work than it's worth: How does it apply? Around every healer? Even the ones in personal bases? Only naturally generated centers? How would you check if the center was destroyed so it won't play in that spot forever? etc...
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By Wiess
#204556 Its possible to do region based, as for if the center was destroyed tie it to a certain block or the healer itself. (although unless theres a way to mute it people might not be thrilled with that idea) or make a pokeball carpet that plays the music and can be at the entrance.