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By dhi2awesome

Pixelmon 9.0.1 came out, and so my old Recipe Fix Pack is no longer needed. Instead, the Recipe Evolution Pack (which does a lot of the same things honestly) replaces it!

This pack changes some recipes, as well as adding in a few extras, and fully implementing the Recipe Book functionality. More detailed changelog in the spoiler at the bottom.


Changelog - Initial Release | Show
pack version - V2
  • Black Augurite recipe, so it should work properly
  • Broken Pillar recipe, so it should work properly
  • PokéGrass recipe, to use the right kind of grass
  • Sweet Heart recipe, to use cocoa beans instead of brown dye
  • Redid the Hisui ball lids, so instead of being three tumblestones and two ingots, it is one tumblestone, one apricorn, and one ingot. Apricorn can be any kind, but must be cooked. Ingot and tumblestone must be corresponding style to the ball being made, matching the bases for modern balls
  • Redid all of the Hisui ball recipes to use a lever instead of a button
  • Fixed the #minecraft:leaves item tag to include Apricorn leaves
  • Fixed the #minecraft:logs item tag to include Apricorn logs
  • Fixed the #minecraft:logs_that_burn item tag to include Apricorn Logs
  • Fixed the #minecraft:planks item tag to include Berry Planks (this allows for berry planks to be used to craft generic wood items)
  • Fixed all Pixelmon recipe advancements to target the right places (kept within the pixelrecipe advancements folder)

  • Sweet Berry (with two options)
  • Sweet Clover
  • Sweet Flower
  • Sweet Ribbon
  • Sweet Star
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Smelting and Blasting Amethyst Ore
  • Smelting and Blasting Crystal Ore
  • Smelting and Blasting Ruby Ore
  • Smelting and Blasting Sapphire Ore
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Black Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Blue Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Green Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Pink Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Red Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking White Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Yellow Apricorns
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Smoke-Poke
  • Campfire Cooking and Smoking Toast
  • Recrafting recipes for Beast, Cherish, Dream, GS, Master, Origin, Park, and Strange balls, using a Platinum base, for if you throw it and it breaks (no lid recipes)
  • Added Stonecutter support for all of the Temple Block, Temple Brick, and Braille blocks
  • Created an item taglist for Cooked Apricorns (#pixelrecipe:cooked_apricorns)
  • Created an item taglist for Covered Fossils (#pixelrecipe:covered_fossils)
  • Created an item taglist for Uncovered Fossils (#pixelrecipe:uncovered_fossils)
    Recipe Related Advancements:
  • All recipes I am aware of now have recipe book triggers. The majority of these are triggered by holding one, if not more, of the ingredients required to craft that item. Exceptions will be listed below
  • Catching Thunderus, Tornadus, Landorus, or Enamorus will unlock the Reveal Glass recipe
  • Crafting each tier of Repel will unlock the above tier (craft repel for super repel, craft super repel for max repel)
  • Berry Wood Boats will unlock once you step into water, alongside all vanilla boats
  • Fossil Cleaner requires you to either have aluminum, or a covered fossil
  • Fossil Display requires an uncovered fossil
    Some specific unlocks, as they are specific:
  • Pokéballs unlock once you hold their lid. Lids are unlocked by having an apricorn, or a tumblestone for the ancient balls
  • Trade Machine and Fossil Machine's complete recipes unlock upon crafting one of the parts. The parts unlock from their ingredients
  • Cloning Cord unlocks from having either of the tanks, which are unlocked from the Fossil Machine
  • Mixed Mushrooms (Curry Ingredient) requires having held red, brown, and tiny mushrooms
  • Acro and Mach bike recipes require having the handle, frame, and wheel already crafted
  • Badge Cases require all used cooked apricorns to be made before they appear in the recipe book
  • Pokéball Lids unlock when you have held all the required apricorns for that lid
  • Elevators require both iron and redstone to already be collected to unlock
  • Red Chain appears in the recipe book after obtaining all three of the rubies

Enjoy! I'll try to keep this updated with each version, until a day when it is no longer needed, as well as keeping each version archived on this post. Feel free to report any bugs, missing recipes or recipe book parts, or make suggestions in the replies, or ping me on the official Pixelmon Reforged Discord.

By H3roDude
#211630 I already messaged you on Discord, but would it be possible to add the forge:ores tag to pixelmon ores so mods can actually use/detect them like the digital miner?