Which Pallet town sounds better?

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By Jack_Attack12
#938 On my opinion i think the battle music is fine but it would be nice to hear a little faster try doing the Battle Music A and B thing. Also is this music program related to minecraft? I think this because of the "craft" at the end.

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By Pokenerd8
#953 all of games having craft at the end doesnt mean its part of minecraft.. :P as for the battle music. let me finish it and then ill add a faster vers if its still way to slow.
By NoNo_[GER]
#2194 i love the lavender town sound and the other sounds, but the Healing sound.. don't like it...
#2453 1. Pretty near flawless, the only things I notice are the out of sync background and foreground sounds around mid way through
2. N/A
3. Quite good, I think it would sound better if it had BGM straight from the word go.
4a. Out of sync as soon as the background music kicks in. Also takes too long using a single track of sounds, make the BGM come in earlier!
4b. Not to be rude, but It hurts my head.
5. Great start
6. N/A
7. Not sure if I like the healer noise :x

You're doing a great job, these are also my bias opinions so feel free to flame at me all you like, criticism is always good in small doses.
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By Pokenerd8
#2474 ill try to redo most of these :) but i hear we may get a waaaaaay better composer. but ill at least try to fix up healer sound cus i may self dont like it as much :u. but not sure what instument(s) to use. and trying to find a 8-bit effect and see if any of these songs would sound better with em
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By Il_Lupo
#2890 I liked all of the songs, but some of the notes are really piercing and painful to the ears, along with some of the tunes being either off-key or just slightly not in tune with the beat.
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By Pokenerd8
#5290 Pallet town C is up. hopefully this is better then A and B
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By phorcillic
#5303 I see you have problems with other 'lines' than main melody. Like me xD

Background sounds desynchronized.