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#637 google actually uses the 3 primary colors minus green (minus green as in its not one of them)
By Blaikie
#1833 Great map! Question: How do I go about restoring natural biomes outside of the map area "the wilderness". I believe it is in the middle of an ocean biome, but I would like travel out and get rid of the sheer sides. I tried using prune in MCEDIT, but as it's all in an ocean biome this won't and didn't work, or I am wrong?
By Blaikie
Eisenbahn wrote:You can try some world guardians to stop ppl from being outside the map and seeing those weird borders.

It's for a server, I would like to protect the towns and most of the map while allowing players to venture out further into the wilderness to do their own thing. Right now the only possible solution I see is to save the map as a schematic and then paste it onto a random map/seed using MCEDIt. Sorry I'm not clued up with map tools.