By ister199
#37094 I really like your map. I am changing everything ever-so-slightly to fit my needs. One little thing I am having trouble with is that I can't find the gyms (don't make fun of me). I found viridian (I think), Cerulean, Vermilion, but I can't find the rest. Could you put the coordinates somewhere so I can find the gyms. Thank you.
By atomicicey
#37155 Hi I just recently found these forums due to me opening a new server called ancientcraft. For a while I have been looking for something like this for a while now. Ur attention to detail is excellent and I know many people probable asked u if they could use it for their server but I have a different request. At this moment my server will be realsed soon but im starting a pokemon project to recreate the pokemon world based on the anime. I have been looking for a head builder for a while now and if u are interested in the job I can provide anything u need to optain this goal. If u know any other builders that might be interested please contact me. I know how to build so I will be helping alot as well :).
By zuch0698o
Eisenbahn wrote:Can't help you atm. I'm sorry :( . I'm going to draw Johto soon.

O.o amazing man thats just amazing i will def import alongside existing region when you do this