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By Eisenbahn
#59128 Accepting Donations now!

[center]I make maps for fun. But i like money too.
Every donation, buys me a pizza!
Pizza makes me happy and working on minecraft maps.


By Daurak
#69094 This map is very well done. The details and everything are outstanding. Just a few disappointments. 1: There are signs that are in a different language other than English. 2: I cannot heal my pokemon at the pokecenter. And 3: there are no way near enough signs telling what is what, like what city I am in. I have watched all of the original anime series, but still get lost, so Having more directional signs would be nice. I can't wait till I can play pokemon in minecraft like the originals. Few bugs, one, I spawn at cinnabar island, and 2, there are 2 missing blocks in the ceiling of the first floor in a house in palet town. Thanks! and keep up the awesome work!!!
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By sixsens
#70509 thanks for this beauty! the best map i ever seen. 10/10

One thing that i want to know.:
if i play this map with pixelmon, what happening with the fossil, the orb leaf... the evolution stone?
do i have to put them all around by myself?

Is the evolution stone will appear around?
does all the pokemon will spawn in this map, cause i think we need different biome to make them all spawn someday?

why is there some cow and chicken at the start of the map?