By remi555
#89702 Hi, in France, 2 youtubers named thefantasio974 and BobLennon started an adventure on the map with the mod. So I wanted to play too because this map is really awesome but in their videos I saw some chest with objects like pokeball, potion but when I played it, they weren't so did they added the chest or is it a bug ?
By scalda
#89828 Hi guys,

this is a brilliant map and would love to use it but i can't get it to run on my server?

i have got the latest pixalmon running MCPC+ and this world keeps crashing my server.

is there anything extra that i need?

any ideas would be great??

thanks in advance

By rsmalec
#93016 Review Summary
I've looked at a number of Pokemon maps, all of which are recreations of the Nintendo games or new/fanfic builds. This is the first one that I've seen, attempting to recreate the world from the cartoon - and it is awesome. Each of the cities has been built, with gorgeous exterior detail. Most (but not all) buildings have detailed interiors as well, making this an ideal backdrop for video projects or servers. The layout of the cities is based on maps of the region with to-scale distances between them. My one wish would be to see more landmarks in between the cities, but the custom terraforming is definitely better than flatlands.

Total Rating: 19
Innovation - 4
Detail - 4
Experience - 4
Challenge - 4
Progression - 3 (somewhat empty spaces between cities)

To read more about how my rating system works, or to see how this compares to over 550 other maps I've rated, check out my thread on the Minecraft forums!

You can see me play this map with my friend hojjoshMC and the Pixelmon mod!
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By Eisenbahn
#93027 Based on the version on PMC, right? You can check the last version online on that server on my sign.
Anyway, thank you for your time and review. :)
That was very nice!