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By Il_Lupo
#3442 I really like it, actually. Though the background music, behind the main theme, could be a little quieter.
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By Foquine
#3534 That is cool. I like this song a lot and you gave it a really minecrafty sound...
One I would LOVE to hear is Dark Cave's theme from G/S/C
If you're not doing it, I'll do it by myself :P
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MrMasochism wrote:makes my ears hurt a bit. Sorry

not going to lie, i agree with him for once in the music department xD (dont take my opinion to heart on this though, I'm horrible at judging "good" music)
By JurroRath
#3568 ^ To both. I'm absolutely horrible at judging music, or rather anything audio related, but I will say this much- whatever that drum-bass-thumping sound is [godforbid I know/understand music terms, that'll be the day the world ends], it makes the song sound like a right mess. I like the melody [is that right? Oh god what am I even doing here] that's hidden underneath it, but it's drowned out by the thumping. If you'd really like to keep the thumping, then perhaps lower it in volume so it's just a very slight background noise?
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By phorcillic
#3580 I am working at it for now. You know - that theme was my first ever 'composed' song and I also think it s*cks a lot ;p

Dark Cave Theme? - After exams, after exams. Also - First I must learn how to 'compose' good songs :)

Try number 2: New Bark Town from G/S/C (1 loop included)
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By Pokenerd8
#3602 the new bark town sounds great but its slow. you speed it up? im sure it will sound better :)