By chirosk
#47089 I really want to model a pokemon for the site, as i love sculpting in real life, and it's just something i know i'd be good at, but i dont know what program i should use. Blender? because i dont understand a lick of how to use that thing.

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PressXForPie wrote:Techne(which most of us use), blender, or an obj program

blender is an obj exporting program
techne is what most use because I havent really made a clear example on what the obj should be like because i havent been home the past month and a half
techne takes a while to get used to and it is hard to make a decent model, but it is very easy to texture
maya, blender, 3ds max, etc. are the obj options, you have to make it "techne" quality, which is really easy, and once you start screwing around with the program you will understand the basics, texturing it though is a bit annoying and you will have to look up a tutorial on how to do it