By Tubz
#54850 Second Pokémon Center Idea, if I get feedback I will make different versions of the center for each Biome.

    Tone upon entering/exiting,Working Trash Cans,4 PC's,4 Healers,2 Trade Machines

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By I_master_mind_I
#54971 This sorta reminds me of the battle frontier shop from emerald and i like it has everything you need
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By bhoqure
#55223 You should make your original post with this one merge the 2. It lessens the space that the pixelmon team have to look through. If you want an example of this visit the topic i made. I made 12 pokecenter designs, but i placed them all in one topic and it all fits fine. All you have to do is bump your post saying you made a new pokecenter or you updated it.