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By FatPenguin
#55360 Hey people new guy here, ima try to make a schematic soon (just found the tutorial how) feedback on what you guys think bout it. for all I know ones prob been chosen already x) i can post more pics if needed
Old Orange Schematic: ... .schematic

Edit: didn't like the old one and my bro said it was too big so i think i'm a little happier with this one. Tried to make this one a bit less huge and not as super bright (color wise) like to think poke-centers are simple. PS: the dirt isn't part of the center just there to give it a base.

Schematic for this one is: ... .schematic
2013-07-10_11.51.59.png (579.48 KiB) Viewed 371 times
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By TheShinyBlaziken
#75742 I like it, but it doesn't feel like the natural PokeCenter. The wood textures are detailing, but I would like the red and white design, it just feels more natural when you're walking through and catching Pokemon.
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By Reinen
#83758 The trading machines are derpy if i had to vote it would be a no, i dont like the inside it would be a cool artifact to find in a sink hole or most of it fell into a ravine