By Quakthorn
#76589 While reviewing over the database, I noticed that there was a section named "DroppedItem"

After several attempts to add a drop to a pokemon (Clefairy) all attempts failed and the pokemon remain at no drops upon defeated.

Is there something I'm missing on this or is it not possible to add new loot drops?

By Quakthorn
#80199 I notice that this has yet to be answered. Either the devs haven't seen this, do not wish to answer or no one seems to know if this is possible.

I would just like some reply of some kind.
By Quakthorn
#81473 Either

I was going to use Moon Stone since Clefairy are now for their moon stone.
When that didn't work, I tried some vanilla items like roses. And, did not work.

When it comes to <null>, I was able to make the fossil Pokemon like Omanyte, Kabuto & Aerodactyl spawn naturally in certain biomes when their spawn locations were set to <null>
By inusun
#83156 Looking at the code, there is a hard coded mapping that prevents you from just changing the database. Valid loot is the following:
Apple, Blaze Powder, Bones, Diamond, egg, Ender Pearl, Feather, Glowstone, Gold Nugget, Gunpowder, Ink Sac, Iron Ingot, Leather, Raw Beef, Raw Fish, Rotten Flesh, Seeds, Slimeball, String, Thunderstone Shard, Wool.

As long as the DroppedItem in the database matches one of those, you should be able to have it drop from any pixelmon.