By LightAdept
#6749 Since my old post didnt get much traffic that it needed cause it was in model ideas, i'll put the new one here. Anwyays, here's a list of all the pokemon in the mod that need a shiny Texture.

Staryu, Starmie, Mareep, Persian, New Pidgey, Poliwhirl, Rattata, ivysaur, Primeape, Shellder, Psyduck, Raichu, Clefairy, Clefable, Fearrow, Aerodactyl and Seaking.

That SHOULD be all of them, but just post if i missed any.

By Skibb
#6758 Krabby and Ponyta also don't have one .
By LightAdept
Skibb wrote:Krabby and Ponyta also don't have one .

Ponyta definately does, and im pretty sure krabby does, or at least he has one in the folder, it might be new/glitched.
By BLSKis1
#6778 looked through the Pixelmon zip and it shows they are there...must be new models.....hope they look good XD even see a few textures that are of pokemon last i knew not in game....perhaps this is why some people haven't responded?....
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By Zariu
#8816 question, I'm interested in attempting to do this but... how do you do it? I saw the normal textures in the file, so do you just grab a normal texture and color it or do you need the model's techne file? Thanks ^^