By Nxtech
#7568 I hope this is in the right place

Hi, I'm interested in helping out by making some models but I have a few questions to ensure that I make quality models that also follow the guidelines set by the coders.

1) When making a model in techne, does it have to be the correct size of the pokemon you are making?
Like if I am making a very small pokemon and can't get the detail I want for the model at that size, can I make it larger and then have it be scaled down to the correct size in the game to achieve a better looking model?

2) Under what circumstances do the rotation points of a model all need to be in the same position? Like would all the head parts need to have the same rotation point? If so, where should all the points be together at? Would all the rotation points for head parts need to be located at the point you want the whole head to pivot on?

3) What do you use pieces for? Are they only used for head parts or any group of parts that need to pivot as one single part like legs, arms or wings?

4) If you put multiple parts into a piece, would that piece be the rotation point for all parts it contains? Like lets say you have 10 head parts with their default rotation points. If I put all those head parts together into a piece and moved the piece zero-point (red ball) to where I want the head to pivot, would I still have to put all the rotation points in the same position or would the head parts just rotate together as a part of a piece?

5) When building my model, how much precision can I use when overlapping two parts to make a part that looks like it is maybe 1.5 cubes long when it is really just one cube with another cube halfway inside it? Will the textures still work if I do this? If so, will they only work for intervals of say .5 cubes or will it work for any interval?

6) What style are you going for with these models? For example, the model for Gengar is really round and pointy while the model for Snorlax sticks more to the minecraft look and is made of flat parts. Does it just depend on the pokemon or is more detail and angles better? Also, I noticed that the model for Sandshrew is made of boxes that get smaller as they go up to represent how he is larger at the bottom than at the top. This creates more of a staircase-type effect. Would a smoother curve produced by using angled parts or a stack be preferred? Would this just depend on whether or not curves would produce a better looking model?

7) How should parts be categorized in the model tree? I know that any two parts can't have the same name and it is preferred/ required that they be named something relevant to what they are, but to what extent? Should I try to name all the parts exactly what they represent (Like a part that is the bottom front left section of the head would be named "HeadBottomFrontLeft"), or is shorter better (Like instead of "HeadBottomFrontLeft", it would be named "Head#" or "HeadBottom#"). Any other naming rules like all caps pieces?

8) To what extent should folders be used? Can I use folders for each model section like a folder for Legs and a folder for body to keep things neat and organized or are folders not allowed/ not wanted? What are the rules concerning folders in pieces?

9) Are there any rules/ tips concerning texture resolutions? Should I just use whatever texture resolution I feel best allows me to give the look I want to the model?

10) How do I know what models are not currently being worked on that I could take up?

Ok... I think that's it lol. I just want to make sure that I am able to help out with this mod as well as I can by making things as easy on the coders as possible and also making the best quality models I can. Once these questions are answered, I'll be able to start constructing models. There's also a pretty good chance that I will be getting a performing arts credit for this which equals me having even more time to work on making models and also a guarantee that models will be produced consistently and that I'll always do the best I can (or I'll get a bad grade lol), not that I wouldn't do so anyways :)

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By MrMasochism
#7592 1) No, you can make it as large as you want.
2) it's really helpful for us if you make all blocks inside of a part that will rotate have the same rotation point so all the parts of the head have the rotation point at the neck but if you want the mouth to open and close put the rotation point of the blocks that will move with that rotation at the hinge etc.
3) We don't actually use pieces anymore, techne stuffs them up and we can do better by hand in the code
4) Answered by 3
5) If you have 2 blocks with the exact same plane for a side you'll get some z-fighting when the model is added and the texture will flicker
6) Basically I'm of the opinion that what matters is capturing the basic feel of the pokemon however you go about doing that but I am strongly against making pseudo-round pokemon by just layering blocks like a pyramid, it looks bad and is really easy to improve by using rotated blocks. So, no staircases please
7) Have names that describe the part, as long as it's clear that's great, doesn't matter if they're a bit long
8) Folders are just important for the modellers, helps to keep things organised in techne, makes no difference when we add them in code
9) Whatever you want as long as you don't go crazy, push the resolution too high and most graphics cards will throw a fit, keep it under 800x600 or so
10) There's a spreadsheet linked in model ideas with the pokemon in game and what's being worked on/finished

Hope this helps
By Skibb
#8039 You don't HAVE to make a shiny texture . But please do, so that nobody else has to make it for you .