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By Kuwoobie
#208694 Hello. I am Kuwoobie- now known as Enemy Crab. I was the owner of the 7th Pixelmon server ever made back in the Ye Olde days. Its legacy lives on through others in what is now Alpine Pixelmon. I definitely recommend checking them out.


I have come here today looking for gym leaders for our new Gen 1 Pokemon League. This new server follows the Gen 1 format, meaning we only use the original 151 Pokemon. Aspects of modern Pokemon games, such as held items and natures are still in use, as there is no real way to avoid it. The map we are using will be made to be as close a replica of the original Pokemon Red and Blue version games as possible. -this means I have been hard at work adding every single NPC from the games, and their Pokemon, no matter how big or how small their role is.

Our plan is to have a "Jr. League" of NPC gym leaders who use all the same Pokemon and moves as the gym leaders from the games, but the "real" league is to be run by players. That is where you come in. On our old server, PokeHeaven, player Gym Leaders were the soul of our community. Our goal today is to create a new community of Gen 1 aficionados.


New Gym Leaders who sign up for the role will have 8 Kanto gyms to choose from (whichever aren't occupied already) and four Elite 4 positions. Elite 4 will be allowed to choose the element of their monotype team, provided it existed in Gen 1.

We intend on keeping the server community nice and simple, and free of clutter. Our priority is to challenge the players who join- avoiding P2W and cheesing. Rare Pokemon will actually be rare, and we're even considering making it so that there can be only one of each Legendary Pokemon server-wide. Rare candies will not be easy to obtain. We expect our playerbase to be competative and put in effort to train their Pokemon. Being as such, we will not be spawning in Pokemon for anyone. New gym leaders are expected to raise their own mono-type teams from scratch. That being said, we do not expect perfection from our gym leaders, either. Aside from the maximum level of 100, there are to be no level caps in place anywhere. A gym leader's team will be based entirely on that gym leader's personal strength and devotion to their gym. Having a stronger team just means you have a better chance of ascending to E4 status. We want competition to be the sole decider of how hard or easy the player environment is.

Our server is very simple and straightforward. We also offer fun benefits by way of Bukkit plugins, allowing us to decorate with images from the internet, Skyblock and other fun events. We plan to have cash prizes for events and tournaments.


If all of this sounds interesting to you, send me a DM on these forums, or join our Discord:

The server is online and joinable now, but you will need to be added to a whitelist, and there is much work to be done still.