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By SeaHqwk
#204245 I have a tornument with gen 7 on may 18th. I am somewhat new to pokemon and would like some help building a team for this. Here are the rules set.

# Of Pokemon: 3
Level: 50 (Battle Rule Set)
Legendary Pokemon: Not Allowed
Ultra Beasts: Not Allowed
Mega Evolution: Not Allowed
Special Twist: Mono-typing only, meaning all pokemon can only have one type to be eligible for competition, for example Charizard is two types and cannot compete, while Luxray is one type and is okay to bring

I am not sure what I should use, and would love some suggestions. Thank you! :D
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By XpanD
#204246 If you haven't yet, I'd recommend asking in #competitive in the Discord as well -- that place is generally more active. Good luck!