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By Sephiroth
#207299 Hello, I dont know there is the right place for my Topic. I hope I am right here. I want to use better spawn config to get install a certainly Generation in different dimensions. For example only gen1 in the overworld and only gen2 in Nether. Is this possible? If yes, how I can do this ?

By Suriam
#207718 There is an option in pixelmon settings to disable the appearance of wild pokémon per generation; but not in the way you ask. (You can't create exceptions)

The only shortcut I can think of (without being much of a server expert and based on my experience) is to completely remove the wild pokémon and manually place them in the overworld and nedert through pixelmon spawns the way you want....

Surely there are other more efficient ways, most likely if you have your own server you can give each world or dimension its own configuration and interconnect them with the rest.

Good luck with your project.
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By SKy2008
#207757 There may be a way to do that via the BetterSpawnerConfig, but I haven't tried that yet. The "autoTagSpecies" list provides tags that should apply to all the respective Pokémon and can be used in a "globalCompositeCondition". Adding the following to the "conditions" list at the top of the file should restrict Gen5 Pokémon to Ultra Space, but as said, I haven't tested that yet:
Code: Select all      {
        "tag": "gen5",
        "dimensions": [

Alternatively, you'd have to activate the External Spawning JSONs and add a "dimensions" condition to each Pokémon, with the respective ID of the dimension you want them to spawn in.