Help making custom quests

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By CaptainJesus1992
#207615 Hi, i have read and understood the syntax for how to write quests

.. But i have no idea what to do with the syntax
do i post it in chat like a Minecraft command?
Do i make the quest through the NPC maker?
- I tried but it don't know how to do that
- There is an option to copy UUID is this it?

I want to make my own pokemon game and would love to be able to make quests
without having to use /scoreboard for triggers

By M4pachee
#207633 I also need help on this topic, I don't know where or in which folder to place the config of the quest npc :-(
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By Flarkinater
#207637 First, edit your pixelmon.hocon (located in the Minecraft configs folder)
- Find the line containing "useExternalJSONFilesQuests"
- Change "false" to "true"
- Save the config, then restart your server or launcher
Next, create your quest in the new folder minecraft/pixelmon/quests
- The default quests should already be in this folder. You can duplicate one of these files, then edit it to create your own quest.
- See this wiki page for more detail about how to actually create quests:
- If you place an NPC's UUID in the config for a certain quest, that NPC will automatically have custom dialogue when the quest says it should.

As an example, here's the first stage of the Dynamax quest (stage 0), edited to include the UUID of an NPC. The long string of numbers and letters is the UUID, and can be obtained by clicking the "Copy UUID" button while using the NPC editor. Every NPC has a different UUID.

Code: Select all      {
         "stage": 0,
         "nextStage": 1,
         "objectives": [
            "DIALOGUE 6b0100e0-7a69-4e4b-aea2-5b4d2097b079 name=npcName text=start choice=startYes choice=startNo",
            "NPC_RESPOND 6b0100e0-7a69-4e4b-aea2-5b4d2097b079 0",
            "NPC_RESPOND 6b0100e0-7a69-4e4b-aea2-5b4d2097b079 1"
         "actions": [
            "1 SET_STAGE 1",
            "2 DIALOGUE name=npcName text=rejected choice=goodbye"
By SuperfluousSteph
#207645 I am currently running in to some questions regarding the code for Quests as well...
I opened the Hocon file and tried to copy a quest directly to use from the already existent ones but I have no idea how to edit what the characters say. I have posted the code below from the quest .json file titled "Visit End.json".
Code: Select all{
   "radiant": true,
   "weight": 0,
   "abandonable": true,
   "repeatable": false,
   "color": {
      "r": 255,
      "g": 217,
      "b": 0
   "activeStage": 10,
   "stages": [
         "stage": 0,
         "nextStage": 10,
         "objectives": [
            "DIALOGUE #!NPC,Time,0.05,100,0,12000 name=npcName text=start choice=startYes choice=startNo",
            "NPC_RESPOND NPC0 0",
            "NPC_RESPOND NPC0 1"
         "actions": [
            "1 DIALOGUE name=npcName text=accepted choice=goodbye",
            "1 SET_STAGE 10",
            "2 DIALOGUE name=npcName text=rejected choice=goodbye"
         "stage": 10,
         "nextStage": 20,
         "objectives": [
            "DIMENSION 1"
         "actions": []
         "stage": 20,
         "nextStage": -1,
         "objectives": [
            "DIALOGUE NPC0 name=npcName text=end choice=goodbye",
            "NPC_TALK NPC0"
         "actions": [
            "1 ITEM_GIVE item=minecraft:elytra amount=1",
            "1 COMPLETE_QUEST"
   "strings": {}

I am currently editing the code in Visual Studio 2019 if that makes any difference. Thanks very much! :-D
(By the way, thank you so much for the help with the UUID, I never would have figured that out XD)
By cwonder
#207823 I was wondering if anyone knows how to set strings so I can have my custom quest tracked in the quest log. does anyone know how to do this?
By cwonder
#207840 Never Mind I figured out tracking but I'm trying to set up an entity interact line. But I'm trying the grab the UUID of a trainer NPC is this possible or can you only do this with other Quest NPCs?
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