By shiishix
#209187 So, after creating a quest using script and being unable to make it appear ingame, I decided to just recreate it using the ingame Quest Editor. The quest I made on the editor did appear ingame from there, but clicking on the dialogue options to initiate the quest does nothing.

The quest is attached to a specific NPC's UUID. There are only 2 dialogue options, one meant to start the quest and one meant to reject it. After the dialogue function, I have a "Respond to NPC" function, again with the NPC's UUID and set to dialogue option 1. After that, a message is meant to be displayed and the stage is set to 10. I did all of this in an effort to recreate the original script I wrote. But, like I said, clicking either dialogue option does nothing. Does anyone know what's going wrong?

Here's an image of what I did in the Quest Editor in case there's any confusion there.