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By harrymanhire
#170076 Hey you know what will be cool and cute is to see Fennekin have a getting tired animation it will look so epic and cute what do you think elxanderOMG good idear?
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By elxanderOMG
#170136 ALL GEN6 STARTER POKEMON FINISHED!!!!!! AT LAST!!! :D , ill improve some of them later ;)
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By elxanderOMG
#170247 i didnt forget :3
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By elxanderOMG
#170272 look inside her sleeve XD
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By TheMidnightMage
#170394 *heavy breath*
Alright.. I'm looking a meshes for most of this and referencing ORAS models on the bulbapedia primarily, official artwork second.
I'm looking at both quality and efficiency.

ALL of your models -
-The mesh should NOT me modeled to fit the eyes. EVER. The smoothing in game will look weird Don't make the mesh to fit the texture.
-Don't put pokeball platforms. We cant see the entire mesh that way.
-No animatable mouths. (requested by Mr.M normally so *shrugs*)
-Having lineless textures can be a problem when there are suddenly lines. Having lines between colors gives a more pokemon feel. Jamie talked to you about texturing though. It's best to texture in an art program by exporting a UV map. 1028x1028.

-The eyes are too square and have too much length.
-I know wool/bubbles are hard but putting a bunch of circles together doesn't work
-Not quite sure why the bottom of the body is pointed...

-Again on the bubbles...
-Cant tell if the mouth is seperate, will assume so.
-His nose whites pop out. Needs to be a part of the model

-His arms and legs aren't merged.
-It looks like his tongue isn't merged to his neck either. Since it'll be moving with his body it should on the inside
-His tongue shouldn't just merge with the rest of his scarf. It goes over the right back side. -Texture should also indicate tongue being wrapped, right now it's a huge pink blob.
-Knee whites are more round, not so Ovalish
-Where the tail connects to the body is lower than the tip of the tail.
-bottom legs are a bit too thin
-you have some interesting geometry on the top of the head...?

-the back leg is super pointed on the thigh. Tone it back
-base of tail should be bigger. Looks like a glued on pom pom
-I'm hoping the ear fluff is merged.
-Mesh around the eyes and across the forehead is wierd.
-nose is a bit sharp
-dat pixel forehead texture

-Seperate stick in case animators want to use it. Easier to drag it up slightly above tail.
-cheek fluff extends from the head, should continue to the back of the head instead of bending back
-Again, increase tail base.
-Back should resemble front in case of chest fluff
-Ears shouldn't be bent forward
-Back of the head is too rounded
-Feet are too far forward. scoot them back just a bit.
-Ears are too curvy.
-The mesh where the yellow and black meet looks like a jagged mess from the front.
-Tip of the tail looks weird. A second split is fine but three looks like they'd use it to stab someone. that second split would be lower on the tail too. Also straighten for animation, I -can see that moving around a bit.

-straighten the arm fluffs.
-the body's too flat. the skirt should have more length wise
-muzzle looks a bit more like a rat's muzzle than a fox. the nose should be more triangle like
-I'm not sure why the white on the front bends in before going back out. You don't need that inner edge. Should follow the yellow continously.
-Shoulder fluff is lazy. Give some break off and curl it a bit more.
-The bottom of the neck turning into a sudden cone is weird. Maybe increase the middle loop a bit? so it's not so sudden.
-straighten tail completely. no bend. Easier to rig.
-Noting again, I cant see the legs due to the pokeball :/

-why are there so many poly's in the face holy crap. Making a muzzle that shape doesn't require so much
-Merge the hat pieces and arms.
-straighten tail.
-why is there a brown circle on the back of his head?
-back bottom of his head is squared off.
-Props on the feet though. Well done.

-Legs have no bend in them and are fully straight
-no line around back tail.
-Face mesh is weird
-There's actually not that much wrong. Props.

-Front part of the armor should be longer.
-lines on underarms aren't placed correctly
-tummy fluff looks more like spikes right now. bring the spikes in a bit.
-round out the back of the shield a bit more towards the base

Sorry for the wall but the critique was coming :P
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By Hiroku
#170395 ^ should throw in a compliment every now and again, lightens the mood a bit ^-^