By PixelmonGym
#170475 Not sure if this is a little over the budget of poly's, however a lot of smoother models are being made for the mod and i thought well, why not.. lol.

Seams are quite obvious unfortunately. And some parts are a little unclean.

Any advice or opinions of the wire frame/overall model? And how to improve the seams?

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Here is the direct link ... d5773ad45e
By Scrotty
#170481 Advice/Opinion: Start over.

This is fairly expected if it's your first model, because there are beginner mistakes here. Of course the first one is the face count. 4.5k is way more than most if not all models here. An average I'd say is within the 1-2k mark but for a small creature like Pancham I'd estimate around 500.

-The tail for example has way too many faces, it needs to be reduced heavily then possibly cut in half and merged to the body.

-The head is similar, it's never a good idea to edit anything that has a bunch of poly's like that.

-The body is squarish from the side view rather than rounded. (moreso on the belly judging by the official art and sprite)

-Missing the leaf

-Also, it appears that Pixelmon wants the models to have moving mouths, so that's another thing.

-Model will be animated, so it's best to have the arms pointed straight out. This is called the T-Pose, it makes animating it easier.

-The texture is badly compressed on the edges (zoom in on the wrist for example), I'd recommend saving it in a lossless format such as .png.

-The paws don't need claws.

So again, I recommend you start over but start with a simple shape then form it into Pancham. You don't start with a bunch of faces, you add them later on. The arms should probably be more rounded, they look a bit boxy. The body also has an excessive amount of poly's, it'd be stressful and time consuming to edit this. As far as unwrapping the model goes, it's best to look up a tutorial as that is a whole other thing or you could see if someone else wants to do the texturing.

*Edit: I also strongly recommend doing the model only at first, after it looks good then you do the texture.
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By harrymanhire
#170495 Is this Pancham or some over pokemon it looks awesome anyway but it's not Pancham well it is but its not I think you know what I mean you should keep this one posted till you fix this one eleander edit his models with out taking down the post I may of split his name wrong :(
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By Shadowkirby
harrymanhire wrote:Is this Pancham or some over pokemon it looks awesome anyway but it's not Pancham well it is but its not I think you know what I mean you should keep this one posted till you fix this one eleander edit his models with our takeing down the post I may of spilt his name wrong :(

I'm sorry... speak english, dude. I literally couldn't understand, what you were trying to say, lmao.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#171787 I can tell you right now that the model is way too smooth. Yes, the Pixelmon models in the mod seem smooth, but that's something built into the mod itself, and also able to be disabled.

There's also some features that you've left out, such as the leaf in its mouth.

The model itself seems a bit bulky all around, Pancham is a relatively skinny Pokemon.

It needs a lot of work, but decent for a first timer I'd say. I'd take a look at how a few other modelers made theirs work, ask for some advice, and build from there.
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By elxanderOMG
#172020 a good way to start a model is by doing the main body shape with a rectangle and extruding it to make the body, neck and head, then adding more edges to make the rectangle rounder, then make the legs separately and the stick them to the body or simply extrude them from the body, what ever you want, this is my way to start a model, but there are millions of ways to model, just find yours ^-^
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By elxanderOMG
#172021 and always use the mirror modifier when you're modeling a symetrical creature/object
By RikaCreature
#174153 It is quite cute!! And definitely not bad for your first model. I would highly recommend starting over though, also it looks like you used some sort of sculpting program for the model, which while easy to use and great for beginners, usually cannot be translated into something usable without completely redoing the topology. As it is this model is WAY too high poly.

It's also sadly too stylized for the mod, which tries to stay as close to the original designs as possible. I'd recommend looking up and downloading Pancham's X/Y model and taking a look at it closely to use as reference.