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By dyinghere
#179005 It looks great! The only thing I'd suggest is maybe cut back on making the 'eye' so defined. I doubt it would make much of a difference considering the rest of the model looks simplified enough, though.

Also maybe post a file with the sheath and sword separate? I'm sure the animators would like to have them apart, and everyone might want to see the blade itself
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By bvanseghi
#179870 Yes, unsheathing the sword would be extremely helpful.

The model looks amazing.
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By elxanderOMG
#185561 Looks perfect, the only problem i see is that the model is too high poly(it has too many faces), there are lots of unneeded edges around the eye for example, the back of the case, the sword, etc, at the moment the model has 1800 faces, i know that its a very detailed pokemon but try reducing it at least to 1100 or 1000 faces, it would prevent lag ingame