Are those structures good?

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By TheOmniAdam
#195528 Hey CptSkrill - I'm helping with Pixelmon in a volunteer capacity to implement gyms into the mod. These gym looks really clean and are great throw backs to the OG games. Working with the other volunteers and developers it's my understanding that the interest is for gyms to have room for at least 4 trainers (max 10) including the leader.

While these gyms looks really sharp there isn't really room for multiple trainers since both are more or less very cool looking rooms. There isn't really a way to change these gyms to make room for more trainers without them - NOT - being the original gyms but the craftsmanship of these gyms is on point; IF you're interested in making more contributions I'm trying to get another push for gyms at the developers' request so please reach out if you'd be interested in making more submissions.