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By Pokenerd8
#173982 Next Gym Down, Psychic Type! I tried my hand at a different shape this time.
Erestria has been watching you battle and is now preparing her move!
i don't have a skin yet for anything in here :(

Meet the Psychic gym and Gym leader Erestria!

Psychic Gym screenshots
the puzzle is an invisible wall maze, and you need to reach the top by going through the beam.

Psychic Gym Leader Pokemon
Name reference: extrat(errestria)l, alien, not from here
Pronounced: Er-ist-ree-ah
1. Gallade. Item (Choice scarf )
Abillity: Justified. Nature: Adamant
Max Ivs. Evs: 6hp, 252atk, 252spd
- Fire punch
- night slash
- zen headbutt
- close combat

2. Reuniclus. Item (Leftovers)
Ability: Magic Guard. Nature: Bold
Max Ivs. Evs: 252hp, 200def, 56spdef
- Calm mind
- Psyshock
- Focus Blast
- Recover

3. Metagross. Item (Choice Band)
Ability: Clear Body. Nature: Adamant
Ivs: Max evs: 164hp, 252atk, 92spd
- ice punch
- earthquake
- zen headbutt
- meteor mash

4. slowbro. item (leftovers)
Abillity: Regenerator. Nature: Bold
Max Ivs. Evs: 252hp, 232def , 24spdef
- Thunder wave
- scald
- slack off
- Psyshock

5. Alakazam. Item (life orb)
Ability: Magic Guard. Nature: Timid
Max Ivs. Evs: 252spatk, 6spdef, 252spd
- psychic
- focus Blast
- shadow ball
- charge beam

You will get the Marsh badge and TM Psyshock

Psychic Gym Download
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By Some Body
#174310 If you're putting a Choice Scarf on something, you'd want to be able to outspeed as much as possible, so you'd generally want max Speed (Jolly instead of Adamant). This is largely for opposing Pokémon who have boosted their Speed from moves, Abilities, or Choice Scarves.

Charge Beam on Alakazam isn't too great, especially since Alakazam is frail and that Charge Beam can miss. You may consider a Hidden Power, or even a support move like Encore.
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By Pokenerd8
#174311 choice scarf + adamant was​ meant to put in enough s​peed for beating fas​t ghos​t types​ or pokemon like weavile. the adamant was​ jus​t to get a bit of damage s​ince i figured 388 should hopefully be enough s​peed to counter ps​ychic type weaknes​s​. then again i have not bothered to look at the damage calculator to s​​ee if the adamant would have been worth it.

For alakazam ill try hidden power as​ i was​ not s​ure a good 4th move s​lot at the time and figured at leas​t he could build up power.
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By Pokenerd8
#175629 if your talking about the whole alien theme, keep in mind not all aliens look alike or have the same kind of ship. if your just talking about making a psychic type gym in general, then keep in mind we are accepting gyms of the same type

Edit: However it is nice to have all of the different types possible to be added into the mod