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By Shykiyrm
Here is my dragon gym in the pics you will see no gym leader but I believe it comes with the schematic. Also keep in mind the gym is not suppose to be floating its just showing you the stone layer underneath, that otherwise would have gone unseen

the gym is suppose to be like a small dragons cave
I got my inspiration from this so details or tips to improve would be okay : ]

The gym has one spot where the default gym trainer would stand, it has a bagon,dratiny, and dragonair with ramdom moves and ivs

The gym leader on the other hand has these mons

Download schematic at ... .schematic

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By Some Body
  • Dragonite functions far better with Multiscale than Inner Focus.
  • Shelgon's set doesn't make much sense. Fire Blast and Hydro Pump come off of Shelgon's weaker Special Attack and are additionally uninvested, so even super effective hits will not do much. If you really want to go the Toxic stall route, something like Dragon Claw and Rest with a Special Attack-hindering Nature would work better. Shelgon can also use Eviolite, which is something to consider over Leftovers.
  • Flygon doesn't have much use for Thunder Punch besides Gyarados, and being locked into such a weak move isn't ideal. Something stronger like Stone Edge or Superpower would get more use.
  • Defensive Kingdra doesn't need Rain Dance much; something like Dragon Pulse or Toxic would work better. Alternatively, you could go the offensive route since Kingdra's defensive movepool is shallow.
  • Offensive Altaria doesn't have much time to set up Safeguard, and Safeguard itself also has limited use. An offensive Altaria would get more mileage with Draco Meteor.
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By Pokenerd8
#174639 The outside of your gym seems to be all over the place. not to mention plain stone very boring and the glass seems out of place. Your inside not that bad as it mixes different blocks togather and looks like a decent battle room.
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By Shykiyrm
#174692 Ok so I fixed "boring stone" and out of place glass but I wont fix the whole thing being out of place and everywhere cause that was my intent
-Dragonite yea my bad, It was always multiscale just messed up in showdown
-Shelgon always had eviolite, The two special attacks now do as much damage as I want them to with more investment
-Flygon is weak, and gyarados is always a threat
-Kingdra's rain gives it more speed to be able to rest faster, boost scalds atk, and the defensive set can switch in on ice beams
-Alterias safeguard is just a filled spot and can prevent status is a nice touch and can stall out some recovery mons out of their recovery moves, Also its pretty weak and its suppose to get damage and faint

New Team
New Images

New Download ... .schematic
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By Pokenerd8
#174695 i know what your intent is but going to be honest it don't look anything like what you were going for. your build flat on one side and random stone all over in the front. the mountain your basing it on much more rounded and tall. while your build is short and stone all over the place. you could use the extra room in the front to add on to your mountain. also i don't know about the granite and diorite being mixed in.
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By TheOmniAdam
#195557 Hey Shykiyrm, I'm helping with Pixelmon in a volunteer capacity to implement gyms into the mod. I like the idea behind this gym a lot but I've seen a lot of submissions assume a bit about the terrain they will be surrounded by and makes for some designs that WOULD work great if they always spawned in a particular setting- I think this is a good example where nestled into a mountainous area it would be a very exciting "find" for there to be a cavern opening into a gym.
The reality is most of the time this will spawn in flat ground or close to it and might look kind of out of place- there might be design ways around it and I'd be very interested to see new iteration of this gym or even more contributions; I'm currently pushing for a new set of gyms/contributions and like the ideas in this build. Reach out to me if you'd be interested in resubmitting a new version of this or have any other builds you'd like to explore.