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By Pokenerd8
#176708 Hey everyone!

I Figure i would tell everyone how the Pokemon will be set up into the mod since i'm sure few have asked or already making sets for teams i'm posting this for the people who want to create their own pokemon in the gym to add.

Currently the way it is set up is it randomizes what the Average level for each gym will be and the level will determine what pokemon the trainers and Gym Leader will have.
Yes, before you ask the gym leader and the trainers will randomize what they have in their team depending on what you have in the box.

so for instance we have a box of pokemon set up in the .Json file

(this is not actually 100% how it is put into the .Json )

swinub -- the pokemon
minlevel: 10 -- what the minimum level to encounter one
maxlevel: 20 -- what the max level to encounter one
all moves + alternate moves -- Example below
Attack move 1: "powder snow"
Attack move 2: "ice shard"
Attack move 3: "Earthquake" , "Ice Beam" -- randomly choose between the 2
Attack move 4: "Endeavor", "superpower" -- same as above
ability: Oblivious -- the ability
Held item: Example below
Items: "life orb", "Ice Gem", "leftovers" -- randomizes what items it will hold
Nature: "Adamant", "Jolly"
If you don't know what Evs and Ivs are i suggest looking them up
Note* if you put nothing in evs then no evs will be added. this is really nice for lower level pokemon to make sure they aren't too over powered. Max Evs total is 510.
Note* IVs are already maxed out unless you put it in otherwise. 31 is max for each stat
evAtk: 252
evspdef: 4
Evspeed: 252

name: Piloswine
minLevel: 21
maxLevel: 35,
sets: [ -- this will randomize between which different set ups are used
move1: "Stealth Rock"
move2: "Ice Shard"
move3: "Earthquake"
move4: "Icicle Crash", "Toxic" --another choice
-- If no Ability chosen, It will randomize what all abilities it's able to learn
-- no item given means the pokemon won't have an item
nature: "Adamant"
evHP: 252
evAtk: 252
evSpDef: 4
], -- ending of 1st set up
[ --Second possible set for Pokémon.
move1: "Stealth Rock"
move2: "superpower"
move3: "Earthquake"
move4: "Ice beam", "Toxic"
ability: Thick Fat
Item: Eviolite
nature: "Adamant"
evHP: 248
evAtk: 252
evDef: 8

name: Weavile
minLevel: 30
-- if no max level added then the max is 100
move1: "Night slash"
move2: "Icicle crash"
move3: "ice shard"
move4: "low kick"
ability: Pickpocket
Item: Lifeorb
nature: "Jolly"
evAtk: 252
evspeed: 252
evDef: 4
lead: True -- this means that this will go 1st if possible. if more than 1 lead choosen then it will randomly select one

you are able to add typing of pokemon that don't belong into the gym for an edge.
Like adding furret to the ice gym with fire punch -- :P if you wanna be mean that is

Also if you need to use hidden power then you would say
move1: Hidden Power Fire -- I do believe this should set the ivs according to the hidden power type


I think i covered everything the best i could, sorry if this seems all complicated :) if you have any questions feel free to comment.
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By TheOmniAdam
#176741 Hey! This guide is super helpful to someone who feels like he's jumping on at the last minute but wants to contribute as much as possible. I also noticed reading the other submissions that we don't want to wear kid gloves with our gym's teams and make them real murder machines (as far as optimizing their items, natures, EVs, etc.)

I was wondering about gym leaders- since we pulled in badges from the games are the leaders just going to be copies of them as well? Are they just going to be generated from the npc project (which... is that still going?) or are we expected to build trainers and gym leaders for the gym as well?
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By MrMasochism
#176743 we need to have people add skins if we want variety in our trainers and leaders in gyms. That could be done via the npc project but could also just be attached to gym posts