By Mostwanted123
#177432 I was Struggling with my Castle inspired rock/steel gym (hard to make steel gym with limited iron blocks..), so i got some new inspiration from a cartoon everyone knows and loves :-D
30x30 was hard, but i managed to do it, and with 1 block width less, so a nice 30x29

I also managed to included everything i remember other then the dumpster at the back, it had to be cut from this version (that would require 34x29)

I also decided not to add Statues. since some servers don't allow them or afraid that it add lags,(this can be changed if requested)

some player details. .. too hard to do myself. just added some signs saying "trainer"

The "employee" trainers / Leader will use "Krab" inspired water Pokemon , including Krabby,Kingler, Crawdaunt, Corphish ,Omaster , Kabutops , .. some of these Pokemon are amazing with HA abilitys..

while the "customer" Trainers will use Fish/Starfish inspired water Pokemon , e.g Seaking , or pokemon like Starmie and Corsola (Patrick) , Vaporeon , or beach inspired pokemon like wingull , Quagsire






I would appreciate feedback , I also allow Developers to mess around with the build, add or remove whatever including statues and add in Trainers if this build is accepted, or tell me to add them. :party:

Download: ... .schematic
"download based on 1.8.9"
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By bvanseghi
#179594 I have no words for this masterpiece of a forum post.
By Mostwanted123
#193789 Well it seems I lost :/ , got no replies from any official pixelmon modder, however I fell no shame in losing to the "Pool gym" /o/ , it was pretty high quality and nice "pool" design like Misty's gym though i thought it would lose since it look like it went over the size limit.

Though its a shame i got no constructive feedback for this, I would of loved to improved it, bit by bit making it better
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By TheOmniAdam
#193795 I imagine it had more to do with being a parody of a different intellectual property more than a lack of quality in the design if that's any consolation.

The team is crazy busy and I think MrM made one sweep through this forum to pass judgement and never really looked back. Looking at all the features the last update had I get it.
By LuShTropic
#194669 Hello Mostwanted123, I'm LuShTropic and I was requested by the administrators of Pixelmon to go around the Structures forums and reply to gym posts. Unfortunately I don't think the Pixelmon Team is looking for a gym like this for the Pixelmon mod. Your work and effort is greatly appreciated.