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By TheOmniAdam
#195559 Hey PrimalUrsus, I'm helping with Pixelmon in a volunteer capacity to implement gyms into the mod.In reviewing these gyms I really like the aesthetic - but one of the conventions I've learned working with the people making the mod is the expectation for gyms is to have some kind of puzzle/obstacle to experience and room for at least 4 trainers for the player to encounter (not just placed in an open room). I've seen a lot of really good looking submissions get looked over because they were more or less good looking giant rooms (Which is what the gyms are depicted as in the anime and original games more or less).
I think you should resubmit this under structures because the idea of a gym not meant for testing and giving out badges but for actual training seems like something the pokemon world should be populated with and I love the aesthetic of this gym (I question the use of soul sand in the platform but just as a personal taste- mechanically it might be nice for a way to get it without the nether- another tangent for another time).
If you'd be willing I'd love to see more contributions from you- if that is something you'd be interested in please reach out to me.